2018 Danube Delta Tour

Day 1: Airport / hotel pick up – Tulcea transfer

Private airport pick up / Breakfast at your hotel. Morning departure out of Bucharest, heading east, towards Tulcea. Your first part of the journey will take you out of the capital city and into the vast flatlands of Wallachia, the south part of the country. Leave the A2 freeway at the 110km mark and start driving through the very picturesque traditional villages of the area. The vast majority of houses and households here are still in the old style, from more than 70 years ago. At Harsova you will cross the Danube and enter the teritory of Dobrogea. Once here, the landscape will change drasticly, as these were once the highest and oldest mountains of Europe, more than 400 million years old. The landscape is amazing and the rolling hills will make for a great change in the landscape.

After the 3 hour drive, arrive at noon in Tuclea, the city known as the gateway into the Delta. Your guide will take you to your hotel and after a some free time, you will start your walking tour of the city. One can enjoy a great local lunch, at one of the many restaurant on the river side promenade. After this, make sure to visit the 3 landmarks of the city: the Danube Delta aquarium, which is specifically designed to show all the wildlife and flora of the teritory. Here is where you will find out about the history of the Delta and about all the plants, fish and animals. Your guide will prepare you for the excursion the following day.

The next visit is the Ethnographic Museum of Tulcea. This part of our country is one of the richest such land in Europe, being home to more than 23 ethnic groups: Greeks, Italians, Russians, Ucranians, Tartars, Turks, Bulgarians and many more. In the museum you will learn about all of them and about their way of life. Make sure to visit the outside exibition, where you will be able to interact with all the tools these people used.

End your day with a pleasant walk in one of the residential areas of the city, making your way up to the Independence War Monument. This is a testimony of our fight to free from the Turks, but also it is the best vantage point over the city. Look down at Tulcea or just glance into the Delta and wonder what beauties you will see the next day.

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours


Day 2: Tulcea – Delta Excursion

In this day, you’ll explore the Danube Delta biosphere reserve. It is the youngest land of Europe (The Danube Delta started to form just 10,000 years ago and is still in the process of formation). Known as the birdwatchers paradise (home to over 320 species of birds), you can try your hand at fishing, or simply relax while browsing through the narrow channels. The Danube Delta cuisine is certain to provide an interesting dining experience! You will make your way to the biosphere reserve around Nebunu Lake, where there are numerous colonies of Pelicans, cormorants, spoonbills and egrets. But make sure not to miss the plentiful local species of ducks, moorhens and coots along the beautiful canals and reedbeds. The mid day stop at Partizan village will show you the best local flavors. You will enjoy a traditional fishermen’s lunch, with all the local foods and drinks.

Afternoon arrival back in Tulcea or overnight stay in Partizan village, at your choice.


Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Day 3: Tulcea – Bucharest

Breakfast at your hotel. Before leaving, make your way to the Celic-Dere Monastery. An emblematic landmark of the region , famous for it’s story of survival and miracle performing icons.

Afternoon arrival Back in Bucharest.

End of service.

Optional day for fishing (after day 2)

You can opt for an extra day in the Delta, with a very early morning departure from Tuclea of Partizan, heading back into the delta for the best fishing day of your life: opt for the most exilarating pike or white fish fishing day, or just sit back and relax while waiting for the local carp to take the bait. It’s up to you. Once again, lunch will be in the village.

Afternoon return to Tulcea or Partizan

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Optional day 4 and 5 at Sulina

Once again, you can opt for an extra day at Sulina (after day 2), the most Eastern point of Romania and of the European Union, the place where the mighty river spills into the sea. This small town , of just 4000, has a rich hisotry of being one of the most important settlements of the previous centuries. It was from here that the decision was taken for the Sulina arm of the delta to be channeled and also from here, the Comision of the Delta regulated the flow of grain towards Englend, during the great famine.

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Enjoy a walk along the promenade, take in the relaxed atmosphere, with the locals enjoying some tea, or just fishing. Visit the King Carol church (an exact replica exists at the spring of the Danube, in the Black Forest mountains of germany), visit the old Ottoman lighthouse. Nowadays, because of the constant advance of the river, the lighthouse sits more then 2 km away from the sea. But the interior museum is worth the visit.

Or you can opt for a relaxing day at the beach. Sulina has one of the most relaxing and quiet beaches of Romania. Because of silt deposits, it is more than 1 km wide and it holds just one restaurant and 2 bars. Perfect for a great gettaway. And to make the walk there worth while, along the way you will visit the old cemetery of the town, where one can trully see the beauty of the history of the area. Here is where you will see captains, princeses, pirates and soldiers burried, all sheding some light on the how the town was 100 years ago.

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Danube Delta@RomaniaToGo Private Tours

Afteroon arrival back into town and overnight.

Tour Inclusions:

* air conditioned car for the above mentioned route, fuel price and parking fees;

* guided tours and entrance fees for the sights included in the itinerary;

* professional private English speaking guide/driver, at your disposal throughout the trip;

* all meals mentioned in the program and all breakfasts;

* all overnight stays at 3 or 4 * hotels

* one traditional village accommodation, with dinner and breakfast included

Tour Exclusions:

* meals other than the ones included in the program;

* individual travel insurance;

* photo and video fees;

* guide meals;

* gratuities;