Why should I take a tour of Romania?

Because this country is one of the last wild and rustic places of Europe. Your tour of Romania will show you amazing landscapes, untouched ancient forests and traditional villages. But you don’t need to fear. The hotels here offer excellent conditions, but most of all, when thinking about tours of Romania, people always forget to think about the great food we have here. The roads are good, the scenery is amazing and the people are always friendly. Our country offers such a diverse landscape because of the many regions which form this land of ours. Enjoy tours of painted monasteries (some 600 years old), tours of fortified Saxon churches and citadel (some up to 800 years old), tours of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, or just tours of Bucharest, the capital of our country. No matter is you visit Wallachia, Transylvania, Bucovina or Maramures, we are hoping to see you here soon on our tours of Romania.

How to start a tour of Romania?

The best way to do this is to arrive in our country in one of the main transport hubs. When organizing tour of Romania think of arriving (the best possibility) at the very modern Otopeni International Airport, just outside of Bucharest. But our company can offer you other ways to start a tour in Romania. We can offer you a free pick up from any of the border points (if you are arriving from another country), or from any of the train and bus stations in the country. So when booking your next tour of Romania, talk to our office and we will organize the best pick up for you.

What about meals?

When talking about tours of Romania, many ask the question about meals. It is good to know that most of the hotels offer breakfast included (mainly as a buffet). Just in case you choose one without such services, don’t worry. As we said, a tour in Romania is not that expensive. A meal for two, with 2 courses each, wine/beer/water, is just about the equivalent of 30 USD or 20-25 EURO. Plus our food is great. We have a great mixture between the Western and Eastern cuisine. With dishes ranging from Western stakes and Eastern skewers, we are sure your next tour of Romania will be an unforgettable culinary experience.

Is Romania part of the EURO? Do they take foreign currency?

Although we have been part of the EU since 20007, many people make the mistake of thinking we use the Euro. This is not true. We use our national currency, the LEU (recently known as the RON). So when planning your tours of Romania, take into consideration that you will need some local currency. This is because most of the shops, restaurants and sites will not accept foreign currency. Nevertheless, on a tour of Romania, one must not worry. Most of the hotels will take Euros, plus there are plenty of ATM’s and exchange offices available. Just remember that to change money, you will need a photo ID.If you are planning to pay by plastic, just remember, before leaving on a tour of Romania, to talk to your bank and let them know you will be spending time here, so that your card will not be blocked. Also take the time to make a debit car WITH A PIN CODE. Once on a tour in Romania, many realize that their credit cards or the ones without a PIN, do not work here. That’s just because of the POS system. This is something to remember before taking a tour of Romania!

How about the traffic?

It is good to know for those travelers who decide to drive themselves. On self-driving tours of Romania, one must know that we drive of the right side of the road. The rules are just the same as in the rest of Europe, so there shouldn’t be any concerns. Once on the road on tours of Romania, take it slow and just look out for the many signs taking you to your destination.When is the best time to come?This is the next big question when thinking of tours of Romania. It is good to know that we have a temperate climate. Sitting on the 45 degree Northern parallel, we have weather of all types. In summer it is really hot, while winters can get very cold and snowy. That is why we recommend booking your tours of Romania in spring or fall. The best weather for visits is in May. But for the best pictures, the best time to take a tour of Romania is in the second week of October. The colors will be amazing.

What are the best regions to visit on a tour of Romania?

Well…this depends. What are your interests? If you are looking for a tour of Romania which will offer amazing culture and history, than…all of the country is the best place. But if you go in the North, a tour of Romania will take you in Bucovina, the land of painted monasteries. They are unique sites and part of the Unesco Heritage. Next to this is Maramures, where time seems to have stood still. Tours of Romania including this region will show you time old tradition, clothing, villages and the oldest wooden churches of Europe. In the middle of the country is Transylvania. Tours of Romania including this area will show you Saxon heritage, fortified villages and cities and 700 year old gothic churches.  Wallachia is in the south and although it is mostly overlooked, remember that it is just as beautiful as the rest. Bucharest is here and this is the best place to start your tours of Romania. It is a city with 500 years of history and it is the original residence of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula). And don’t forget out great seaside. Tours of Romania must not miss out on visits to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve or our beautiful sandy beaches around the city of Constanta.

How to book tours of Romania with RomaniaToGo?

It is very simple. To organize the best tours of Romania for you, just visit our website, select the best itinerary for you and then contact us. Our consultants will discuss each day of your tour of Romania with you, take away or put in what you want, add or cut days. Remember that when booking tours of Romania with us, both the itinerary and the prices are up for discussion. Once you will decide on the program which suits you, tell our consultant your arrival and departure day, give them your final confirmation and decide when to pay the 10% deposit for your next tour of Romania. If you have any other questions about tours of Romania, just contact us and we will be happy to respond.

Hope to see you here soon!

The Romania ToGo Team