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3 Unique Christmas Traditions in Romania 0

3 Unique Christmas Traditions in Romania

The Lenten is a period of religious preparations for the great feast of Christmas. Religious people don’t eat meat, nor other animal products during this period before Christmas. It is not the only Lent...

Romanian Christmas Cozonac 0

Romanian Christmas Cozonac

Cozonac (Romanian pronunciation: [kozoˈnak]) is a traditional Romanianand Bulgarian sweet bread. It is usually prepared for Easter in Bulgaria, and mostly for every major holiday (Christmas, Easter, New Year, Pentecost) in Romania. A similar dessert...

church_on_the_hill 0

The Hill Church, Sighisoara

A covered stairway with nearly 180 steps leads up the hill to the Gothic-style Biserica din Deal, allegedly built in 1345 for the Saxon community; local guides will dispute this, however, claiming that this...