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Turda Salt Mines in Romania

It was declared the no.1 coolest underground place to visit in the world by Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com/world-underground-attractions-2014-2) Excavated by hand since the 13th century—although perhaps as early at 1075—the massive Turda Salt Mines in...

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Viscri Fortified Church 

The village of Viscri, is part of Buneşti commune in Braşov county and is best known for its highly fortified church, originally built around 1100 AD. It is part of the villages with fortified...

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Sighisoara in a different light

Travelling without a fixed plan and previous geographical inquiry has it’s own irresistible charm. While it is possible to miss an important monument or festival, about which you just didn’t find out, in the...